December 8, 2022

Stuck? This is the Answer

      Quick quote from today's caption on Pinterest (and something I've said before):

     "The answer is always to determine what the next small step is, and then do it."

     Big goals can be overwhelming, especially when we think of everything we have to do to achieve them.  This holds some of us back from taking any action at all.  What is one small thing you can do right now to get closer to achieving yours? (Put your workout clothes on, write one sentence, pull up a list of job openings, Google something you need to Google, whatever it is you need to do.  If nothing comes to mind, then the step you can take right now is to start brainstorming:  What is it that you want to accomplish, and what are the smallest first steps you can take?)

     Each step, no matter how tiny, helps to build momentum that will make the steps after that a bit easier. Small step by small step, the goal that was once intimidating becomes closer to reach. (But don't worry about the big picture right now - just take the small step!)