December 19, 2021

Finding Your Passion

"Finding Your Passion" Blog post from Build Our Best Lives

      BOBL encourages you to build a life full of passion. While some people know exactly what that looks like to them, others aren't quite sure, and some even stress over the idea of "finding their passion." This post is for anyone who would like some insight on the subject.

     Let's start with what your passion isn't: It doesn't have to be just one clear-cut thing; maybe you thrive by doing a little bit of everything. It doesn't have to be lifelong; it can be ever-changing. It doesn't have to be unique, trendy, or impressive.

     Here are some questions to help you decide what to create more of in your life. Your answers will be similar for most of these - I wanted to ask in a few ways since different things resonate with different people. Hopefully some of these will work for you:

     •  If you knew you'd be successful at anything, and you never had to worry about money, time, obligations, judgement, fear, or anything else, what would you do? 

     •  What are you doing when you're at your happiest? What do you get excited about or love to talk about? What makes you feel alive?

     •  What were your childhood dreams? I know you didn't know much of the world at the time, but in turn, you were less conditioned by it - you were just you. What did you love to do? Is there anything you've always been drawn to?

     •  What do you find yourself fully engaged in, causing you to lose track of time? When do you feel the most aligned, like your truest self? What do you feel pulled to? What feels "right"?

     •  How do you want to feel? (e.g., excited, relaxed, free, proud, etc.) What would make you feel that way?

     •  Would your goals be the same if nobody could know about your accomplishments? Would your desires be the same if nobody could find out about them?

     Make sure you're being honest with yourself. It doesn't matter what looks cool on the outside, or what you think should make you happy - it's whatever truly makes you feel the most alive. It doesn't have to sound good to anybody but you.

     If nothing comes to mind for most of these questions, you might need to experience some new things. Perhaps spend some time trying different activities, meeting new people, traveling, and/or learning - get to know more of the world. It's okay if it takes trial and error to discover what you truly love. Nobody comes out of the womb with life all figured out.