February 14, 2021

Mindset for Success (13 Beliefs/Thought Patterns)

     I did some research to learn what it is that makes some people highly successful while others are not.  The good news is that it's usually not through "luck" or natural born talent that people find success.

     The main thing that nearly all successful people have in common - that influences everything they do and every choice they make - is that they have the right mindset.

     Here are 13 beliefs/thought patterns that are common among  people who build their best lives.  (Note that these apply to the vast majority of successful people, but not every single case.)  I will post about all of these things in more detail in the future.

1.   Successful people have a clear vision in mind.  Some people don't end up living their best lives simply because they haven't decided exactly what they want.

     Successful people know how they want to feel and what will make them feel that way.  They decide what their most fulfilling future would look like and they visualize it often.

2.   Successful people dream big.  They aim for the best instead of settling for the good.  Average people tend to cut themselves off from reaching their dreams by believing "big" things are not possible for them.  Successful people know it's not through luck that people find great success but through hard work, dedication, and the right mindset.

3.   Successful people have faith in themselves.  They believe they can be, do, or have anything.  This mindset is what drives them to take steps toward their success that they never would have taken without it.

4.   Successful people operate out of a growth mindset.  They know that their skills can be developed to help them reach their goals, and they are committed to self-improvement.  Successful people are eager to learn.  They seek out advice from experts by reading books, taking coures, attending seminars or workshops, and/or hiring coaches.

5.   Successful people are future-oriented.  They think long term.  They start with the end in mind and always have their eyes on the prize.

     Because of this mindset, it is easy for them to pass up on fulfilling their short-term desires if it will lead to greater happiness in the long run.  Average people often put their day-to-day wants over their long-term goals instead.

6.   Successful people are conscious of how their thoughts create their reality.  They know that their inner world determines their outer world, so they take control of their thoughts and their programmed beliefs.  They are mindful of whether their thoughts are helping them or hurting them.  They learn to reframe negative thoughts into constructive ones.

     Successful people are aware of the power of their subconscious minds.  Therefore, they are very careful about the inner conversations they have with themselves.  They know that when the subconscious mind "hears" something, it goes to work to help make it true - whether it's good or bad.  They make it a point to avoid thoughts that don't align with their goals.

7.   Successful people have personal accountability.  They don't make excuses.  They know they've created their current circumstances.  While many people look to blame others for things they aren't happy with, successful people often like to take 100% responsibility.  They ask themselves what they could have done differently so they know what they can do better in the future.  They don't see themselves as victims.  This mentality leads to more satisfaction and happiness because it gives them a sense of control.

8.   Successful people are self-aware.  They know their true selves - what they love, what they dislike, their values, their strengths, and their weaknesses.  They stay true to their most authentic selves with every choice they make.  Successful people know that they are on their own unique journey that is not meant for anyone else to understand.  They are not concerned with the opinions or expectations of others.

9.   Successful people stay positive.  They focus on the good instead of the bad, what they have instead of what they lack, and what they can do instead of what they can't.  They know that unnecessary, unproductive worry drains energy that could have instead been put toward something they are passionate about.  They find something positive in nearly everything they experience, and they don't dwell on the negatives.

10.   Successful people are grateful for all they have and all they experience.  They are thankful for every person, every thing, and every opportunity that has ever brought them joy or helped them in any way.  This includes having gratitude for events or circumstances that have been less-than-desireable, but have taught valuable lessons or contributed to personal growth.  This mindset provides a boost in mood that helps propel them toward success.  Successful people are also grateful in advance for everything that they know is coming their way.

11.   Successful people are mindful of how valuable their time is.  It is important to them that they make every moment count.  They minimize time spent on meaningless activities so they can have more time to spend on their passions.  They are very conscious of how limited time is so they feel a sense of urgency to make the most out of their lives.

12.   Successful people are mentally tough.  They don't let obstacles deter them from achieving their goals.  While average people tend to view problems as roadblocks, successful people accept that obstacles are a normal part of the process that they will push through.  They focus on finding logical solutions to issues without getting caught up in the emotional aspects.  Overcoming obstacles makes them stronger and prepares them to conquer more in the future.

     Successful people don't let fear stand in their way.  They recognize that fear is just an emotion they will feel at some points throughout their journey and they will move through it.  This gets a bit easier every time they take action in the face of fear.

     Successful people don't let the fear of failure stop them from trying new things.  They know that they must risk failure in order to succeed.  If they fail, they don't quit - they try different things until they figure out what works.  Failure provides valuable feedback.  Successful people view failures and mistakes as learning opportunities.

13.   Successful people believe in doing what's right.  They like to pay it forward.  They operate out of abundance-based mentalities - believing there is more than enough out there for everyone - so they are not concerned with getting anything in return.

     Many successful people were raised to have more limited mindsets and had to learn how to shift their thinking in order to succeed.  They empathize with the fear-based or scarcity-based mindsets that many people operate from and they want to help and/or inspire those people.  Successful people often have a desire to have a positive impact on those around them.

     As stated earlier,  a person's mindset influences every choice they make.  It is a series of choices that determines what they experience in the future.  See my next post for more on the choices that successful people make.

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