June 10, 2022

Rewire Your Mind:  How to Change Your Thoughts (and Improve Your Life)

"Rewire Your Mind:  How to Change Your Thoughts (and Improve Your Life)" from Build Our Best Lives blog

     If you haven't seen my previous post - about how your beliefs have been wired into your brain to create the life you live today - check it out here.

    You should now understand how every aspect of your life has been affected by your beliefs.  If there are any areas of your life that you'd like to improve, you need to change the way you think about them.  First, you need to stop telling yourself your old stories.

     Remember this: The things you frequently say to yourself become directions to the subconscious mind.  As discussed in my previous post, the subconscious mind will go to work for you to make those things true. Stop giving it instructions like:

     "I'm not good enough to do that."
     "Today is going to suck."
     "I'm lazy."
     "I could never afford that."
     "I'm unorganized."
     "This is how it has to be."

     Your self talk goes on constantly, whether you pay attention to it or not.  Begin to monitor everything you say to yourself.  You'll start to notice things you've been telling yourself that have been working against you.  It can be quite eye opening to realize just how much you've been holding yourself back.

    The key to reprogramming your mind for success is to replace your old, damaging self-talk with new self-talk that will work in your favor.  When you catch yourself having a thought that works against you, immediately stop yourself and shift your thinking.  Come up with a statement to redirect each of your limiting beliefs, and say it to yourself every time one of those beliefs comes up.  Keep at this, and it'll become a habit.

     For example: If you catch yourself saying "I'm out of shape," stop yourself.  Replace it with something like "I'm in good shape.You don't want to say anything that feels too unrealistic, so if you need to, take it down a notch - in this example, perhaps you'd try "I'm getting healthier."  We'll go over more examples for improving different areas of your life in future posts.

     Changing your self-talk will feel strange at first.  Remember, you interpret everything based on your current beliefs.  Your old self will try to talk you out of it, or make you feel stupid for it, or tell you that it won't work.  Ignore it.

     Take this seriously even if it seems silly.  Don't be put off by the simplicity of it.  This isn't some nonsensical crap for gullible people.  As explained here, your thoughts literally change your brain.  The aim of this isn't to blindly ignore problems - it tackles them at their root.  Changing your self-talk can profoundly change your life.

     The key to reprogramming your brain for success is repetition. The more your brain receives a message, the faster it becomes wired in.  The mind acts on whatever programs it has that are the strongest.  You need to keep feeding your mind the new messages until they become your new automatic thoughts.  As your brain adapts, this will become completely natural.

     With some practice, anyone can change their thoughts to help improve any aspect of their life.  Once you're aware of how your thoughts create your reality, you can finally stop sabotaging yourself.

     Develop the habit of monitoring your thoughts.  Stop programming your brain with your old story, and give your subconscious mind a better set of instructions.  If you want to be successful, think the way a successful person thinks.  If you want to be fit, think like a fit person.  Think in ways that a person who reaches your goals would think, and that's who you'll become.

     As I suggested in my previous post, to learn more about how our minds get programmed, and how we can change our self-talk to help us reach our goals, read What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.  If you'd prefer a very short read - just 90 pages of rather large text - read Self-Talk for Self-Esteem.  It has an emphasis on the way self-talk affects our self-esteem, but it's a great quick introduction to programmed beliefs in general and how we can change our thoughts.

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