February 14, 2021

8 Choices Successful People Make

      Success is achieved by making the right choices.  Here are 8 things that most people who build their best lives choose to do:

1.   Successful people set specific goals.  They break larger goals into a series of smaller goals, and they come up with a plan to achieve them.  They make it a priority to adhere to this plan.  They keep their goals at the forefront of their minds and often visualize themselves achieving them.

2.   Successful people make sacrifices to reach their goals.  They are willing to pay the price to increase their long-term happiness. They accept that they will have to give up comfort, time, and/or money as part of the process.  Average people tend to sacrifice growth instead.

3.   Successful people use self-discipline.  They do what they need to do whether they feel like it or not.  They persevere when times get tough.  They know that their daily routines will determine their future, so they are dedicated to maintaining habits that will help them reach their goals.

4.   Successful people get out of their comfort zonesThis is essential for growth.  They know that great things often have very uncomfortable beginnings, so they take the leap and push through their discomfort.  The more often they do this, the easier it becomes.

5.   Successful people figure out how to make a living doing what they love.  They follow their passion and they are enthusiastic about what they do.  This increases their energy and helps them build momentum that propels them toward success.

     Successful people often make an income by finding solutions to problems, such as inventing products or providing services.  They get paid for their ideas.

     To achieve financial freedom, many successful people work hard to obtain multiple sources of income.  This often includes both active and passive income.  They live below their means - they do not spend more than they earn. 

6.   Successful people use their time wisely.  They spend much less time watching TV or scrolling through social media than the average person.  This frees up a ton of time that can be put to good use.  Remember, giving up even just one hour of unproductive screen time each day is 365 hours a year that can be put toward building your best life. 

     Successful people often plan their days ahead of time so they can jump right into action instead of wasting time.  (This includes planning time for well-deserved rest, self-care, and fun!)  They like to make use of their down time, such as catching up on e-mails while they wait at the DMV, or listening to podcasts while they commute to work.

   Successful people spend less time doing things they don't want to do (aside from what they plan to do to reach their goals, of course!).  They set boundaries about what they are and are not available for.  They say "no" without feeling guilty.  Successful people delegate tasks that they don't want to do or could be done more efficiently by somebody else, so they have more time to be productive and focus on their passions.

7.   Successful people take action.  They decide to do something and then don't entertain any opposing thoughts.  They get started even if they aren't feeling motivated.  Once they take action, they build up some momentum which causes them to feel motivated.  As they make progress, things that seemed difficult or overwhelming start to seem easier.  Taking action also provides valuable feedback and opportunities to learn, which help to accelerate their growth.

8.   Successful people are aware of how their thoughts determine their future, so they make sure to take control of their mindset.  For more about the mindset needed to succeed, view my blog about that here you haven't already.

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