February 20, 2022

Are Your Dreams Worth It?

     Just a blurb from yesterday's instagram post:

     Are your dreams worth the sacrifices required to get there?

     It's a personal decision.  I suggest thinking this over in order to set realistic goals.  Most of our desires require a sacrifice of time, money, and/or energy.

     Personally, I believe it will be worth it to make some sacrifices over the next couple years so that I can live the rest of my life the way I really want to.  Yes, if I found out I had a week left to live I'd have some regrets.  I'd also have regrets if I live a long life, but didn't plan for an awesome future.

     Ultimately, it's kind of a gamble:  Nobody knows how long they're going to live, so nobody knows the "right" way to divvy up their time, money, and energy.

     I'm banking on living a long time.  You might not agree, and of course, wherever you stand is okay.  Plan accordingly!

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