May 30, 2021

Building Our Best Lives During the Pandemic

      I know I'm totally late on talking about this now that things are finally starting to go back to normal, but a lot of people have had a tough time adjusting to the "pandemic life," so better late than never.

     Here are some tips for building your best life during the pandemic:

     1.  Most of us have more free time these days, which makes this the perfect time to finally take care of all those little things we've been putting off.

     Does your house need to be deep cleaned?
     Do your closets or cabinets need to be organized?
     Do you have clothes you never wear that you could donate?
     Do you have papers laying around that need to be filed?
     Do you have anything that needs to be fixed?

     Etc., etc., etc.

     If you answered yes to any of these questions, then spending more time at home is probably exactly what you need (so quit your whining).

     (Side note:  I've been taking my own advice with this one and getting a lot done at home, which is why I haven't been posting much.  I'm working on improving that balancing act...)

     2.  This is a perfect time to find new hobbies or try new things.

   (Experiment with a new style of art or take on a DIY project.  Listen to new music, or learn to play an instrument, sing, or dance.  Cook something new.  Read.  Start a garden.  Do a new home workout.  Learn something on youtube, or start a youtube channel.  The possibilities are endless.)

     3.  Similarly, for anyone who's been wanting to start a new business or side project, this is a great time to finally get started.

     Learn the skill, take the course, start the blog, or start the business!  Come up with a plan, and take the first small step.  (In many cases, the very first step is learning what you need to do... so go ahead and Google it!)

     4.  With less social events going on, and a lot of people working from home, more of our days are looking the same (wake up, put on a fresh pair of sweatpants, etc., etc., and repeat).

     With less distractions, this is an ideal time to work on forming better habits (self-care, house work, etc.).  Once something is part of your regular "quarantine routine," it will be easier to make it a part of your "normal" life as well.

     5.  Do things your future self will thank you for.  Keep your eyes on the prize.

     Most people see this as a pretty sucky time.  I say we use this as motivation to make our futures that much better.

     It's up to you to choose where you'll be when this whole "pandemic thing" is only a memory.  (Keep this in mind as you sit down to watch Netflix.)

     6.  Plan your days in advance. 

     Set goals and break them down into steps.  Put these steps on daily to-do lists (or whatever works for you).  Be realistic so you can stick to them.

     7.  Be mindful of your mental health.

     A lot of people who have never dealt with anxiety in the past are now experiencing it.  Anxiety presents differently in everyone and many people don't even realize they have it.

     Remember it's okay to experience whatever emotions come up.  Allow yourself to feel them and express them in a healthy way.  If you're having a difficult time, consider talking with a professional.

     If you find yourself overwhelmed or upset by the things going on in the world, take a break from watching/reading the news and do something that makes you happy instead.  Take a bath, do some yoga, whatever!

     Do whatever makes you feel good to alleviate that "blah" feeling from being stuck at home.  Get the ball rolling by making your bed every morning.  Keep your work space neat.  Get dressed into "real" clothes if it makes you feel better.  Go out for a walk on your lunch break or treat yourself to your favorite coffee.

     Keep in mind that this isn't permanent, and things will get better.  In the meantime, focus on what you can control.

     If your time at home hasn't been as productive as you would have liked, be easy on yourself. Perhaps you really needed a break from the hustle and bustle of normal life.  Be honest with yourself about whether this is the case, but either way, don't stress about it.  Beating yourself up is an unnecessary waste of energy.  Instead, just decide how you can move forward from here.

     It's all about finding the balance between productivity, rest, and fun.  Nobody has come out of the womb with this already mastered, so don't expect yourself to be flawless.

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